This service is designed for International companies that are serious about selling their products / services to North America. This could include companies that have not sold to North America before , but would like to and to companies that have a small presence and would like to accelerate their sales to North America. North America is the world’s largest economy , market that is extremely competitive , but it can be very profitable id done correctly. Here is a list of services that you may want to consider as you explore this huge market.
US Address - Physical address with a working phone ## and email. This will allow you to have a US presence without spending $150K for an office/staff.
Most visitors at your booth that shows interest in your products / services will ask “ Where can I buy this in the US?, who is your local contact?, How do I place an order in the US?, Who can I speak with in the US for additional questions?, How do you solve warranty or service issues? — Now you will have an answer. You can advertise your US office on your web site and literature , giving potential customers better way to communicate and do business with your company. This also solves the Time Difference Problem, language barriers and cultures. Very inexpensive way for you to start your US operations. 
Our Telesales department can make sales calls to potential customers and follow up on your exhibit leads.  (As you know following up on leads in your country is much more difficult - time , language and culture differences . We also have a data base of 25 million businesses in North America. 
Dedicated Sales Team
Some North American companies prefer to deal direct with the factory - this professional team ( one person or twenty ) will act as your factory direct employees - they will make phone calls, attend face to face meetings, conduct conferences , make presentations , exhibit at regional shows , follow up and accelerate the communications flow between the customer and your company.

Distribution Center:

We can provide you with a Distribution Center - locally, regionally or throughout North America.

Providing you with Warehouse / Storage facility in Las Vegas and beyond. Having your products stored in US will allow for much easier, quicker and cheaper shipments to customers. Instead of waiting 1 to 2 weeks for shipments to arrive from Asia or Europe - your customers can now receive them the next day. 
Demo Center:
For more complex products or when potential customers are not interested in overseas travel to see your products - US based Demo Center is the answer.

Shared Demo Center - since many companies do not need a demo center 365 days / year, why not use the Shared Demo Center Concept. We will store your products in our warehouse when there are no customer visits planned and set up your products in our Demo Center when you have customer visits. This will save you lots of $$$.

Tech Support / Warranty Repairs and Field Service Support is a Must for you to be successful , specially with a complex, high value and high volume products. Global Bridge can easily provides this service.
Business Plan

Global Bridge can develop and create a solid Marketing and Business Plan that you can use as a model to sell your products in North America Successfully.

If your company needs investors to grow your business, perhaps we can find some new sources of funding for you.
These services are flexible and can be easily designed around your needs and budget. They go well beyond being listed on “ Amazon “ .
We know the North American Market - we have been selling here for over 30 years and we will share our knowledge, experience and skill set for you to be more successful in North America.
Please let us know which of the 10 services are most interesting for you.

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