Trade Show Services

Global Bridge Announces 7 ( seven ) key services that will make your trade show exhibit much more successful. Many International companies spend lots of money $$ to exhibit in Las Vegas, and their success or lack of success will make all the difference between being viewed as a great company or an average company. A great company will get many good leads, contracts and Sales - while an average company wished that they had a better show. Take advantage of our expertise and years of experience in how to do it correctly - which of these services would make a difference for your company ?


1) Staffing

- Professional well trained staff for your trade show.
- Sales
- Presenters
- Greeters
- Ambassadors
- Assist with booth set up/tear down.
- Save $$ money by using our local -  Las Vegas skillful staff.
- Avoid Travel Costs , hotel stays , meals, taxis, avoid possible Visa problems and your time away from your job.
- We specialize in the following industries: High Tech, Low Tech, Retail Biotech, Health Care, Medical Devices, Software products, Drones, Wireless devices, High End Capital equipment, and Start Ups.

2) Product Information Reviews

This service is designed for International companies that may not fully understand what will appeal to North American Buyers. What works in one part of the world may not work in North America. Great products with poor product descriptions creates confusion. We will review your product literature , flyers, catalogs and make proper suggestions.


3) New Product Launch

We can provide PR ( Public Relations ) and Media coverage ( interviews and special events ) to create excitement for your new products.


4) Manage Special Events and Conferences

We will take full responsibilities to make sure your event is successful.


5) Ultimate Concierge Service

Reserve the best restaurants , least expensive restaurants , Las Vegas shows , Private dinner meetings with clients , transportation , legal contracts and translation services. Providing anything you need to make your Las Vegas visit more enjoyable , while avoiding stress.


6) Logistic Support

Solving any last minute logistic problems.


7) Training Conference

Training programs specially designed for domestic and International companies while exhibiting in Las Vegas.

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