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Exhibiting at a trade show is expensive , specially when you consider your booth design, shipping your booth and your products, travel  and business expenses for your staff, and don’t forget the trade show booth  fee that each convention will charge you, and time away from your job at home . Typical these costs can easily be from $20,000 to $500,000. When you invest this kind of money , you definitely want to maximize your ROI and the best way to do it is with Training Programs that focuses on specific skill set. For many companies having a great trade show versus an average trade show could make or break their company - the difference is “ Training “. By just investing 5% to 10%  of your total exhibit cost could make all the difference - just getting one VIP Buyer to stop by and make a commitment makes the trade show investment profitable. Our Training programs goes beyond just the trade show, we ficus on what you need to do after the trade show - which really determines your success or failure. Our Professional Training Staff has trained over 18,000 very happy clients. Take a look at the six training options and decide which one or two could make you more successful. These Training Programs are available in a Live Webinar Format or in  classroom setting in Las Vegas.

Trade Show Excellence

Advanced Presentation Skills

Enhanced ESL Skills

Sales Skills for 2017

Strategic Options


Trade Show Excellence


Research indicates that only 91% of the visitors are not impressed with the booth staff. You may have a well designed booth , good location, good products , but 85% of what visitors remember about your company is “ how they were treated by your booth staff “. Most Visitors only remember about 10 booths out of 4000 or more booths that they see at a trade show.

This Training program will give your staff a huge advantage by making sure that you attract the VIP buyers , and they remember you. In this fast paced 3 hour ( 180 Minutes ) trying program will cover the following topics :
  • The 7/43 rule and the 7%/38%/55%
  • The first 8 seconds
  • 7 secrets to attracting visitors to your booth
  • 4 step format : Engage - Qualify - Present - and close to the next step
  • 6 ways to quickly connect and get respect with visitors
  • 5 ways to get visitors engaged and stay longer at your booth
  • Handling tough questions and difficult situations
  • Demos - the right way and the wrong way
  • 12 deadly trade show mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Recovering from a bad or award situation
  • 5 easy way to explain your company and product in a simple way
  • 7 ways to create a lasting impression
The Average show attendee will only visit only 2% to 5 %% of the exhibits at a show due to time constraints. After they visit your booth do you want them to think “ what a waste of time, learned nothing new “ Or “ what a great experience, glad I stopped by, learned a lot, think I may have found a good business partner“.
Duration: 3 hours ( 180 minutes )
Format: Live Scheduled  Webinar - It will be recorded and can be viewed at any time after the live event
Materials: PDF with specific outline and additional information will be sent to each class member
Investment: $ 395.00 per student
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Live classroom classes in Las Vegas are also available : Click here for more information.

Advanced Presentation Skills

This program is designed for professional that will be making a presentation  at the trade show. This can also help Managers that fear public speaking and want to master this skill. The Wall Street Journal did a survey of 500 VP’s regarding presentations that they hear frequently - 40% of the formal presentations have put them to sleep , fully 44% rated most presentations as “ boring “, and only 3% were rated as “ stimulating, informative and interesting “.


This program will focus on skills required to be effective presenter , in the top 3%. Will cover the following topics :
  • Formatting your Presentation - 4 parts
  • Managing Fears , stage nervousness and Body Language ( 7%/ 38% / 55% )
  • Eight ( 8 ) ways to quickly connect with any audience
  • Secrets of Delivering a Winning Presentation
  • Seven ( 7 ) to explain a complex topic in simple language
  • The difference between using the Right and Wrong Examples
  • Handling difficult questions and interruptions
  • Handling challenges and recovering from a difficult start or situation
  • Five ( 5 ) ways to effectively close / end a presentation
  • Having “ Fun “ giving presentation
Duration: 3 hours ( 180 minutes )
Format: Live Scheduled Webinar , it will be recorded and it can be viewed after the live event
Materials: PDF workbook will be sent to each class member covering these topics in greater details
Investment: $495.00 per student
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Advance Program will include the webinar ( as outlined above ) and Coaching Service ( you will have the opportunity to practice your presentation via Skype ) and we will provide feedback and areas of improvement : Investment : $995.00 per student. 

Enhanced ESL Business Skills


This program is designed for people that may not be 100% confident with English. Avoiding situations such as visitors pretending to understand , smiling and walking away saying to themselves “I have no idea what he/she was talking about - could not understand their answers “ 

This program will make booth staff members more comfortable and confident in Speaking English - which will allow for more effective communications.
We will cover the following topics :
  • Business Vocabulary that is critical to master at the trade show booth
  • Proper Business sentence structure allowing you to speak like a native
  • Proper and professional way to ask the right questions , which will allow you to get the information that you need.
  • Listening Skills to fully understand what the visitors are saying and not saying.
  • Pronunciation Skills - Business terms are different from basic English , this will give you the confidence to really communicate and have fun doing it.
Duration: 3 hours ( 180 minutes )
Format: Scheduled Live Webinar - it will be recorded for later review
Materials: PDF Workbook will be sent to every class member
Investment: $295.00 / person
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This program is also available in a live class room setting in Las Vegas : Click here for additional information

Sales Skills - Selling to North American Buyers

This program will cover everything that you will need to know to make contact ( email/ phone/ Skype ) , set up appointments , making every sales meeting a great opportunity , having a solid strategy for every meeting , and getting a commitment.
University of Colorado at Boulder Prof. Scot Douglass, teaches a class in Andrews Residence Hall, where he also lives full-time with his wife, Kathleen, and two small daughters.   The residence hall houses students enrolled in the Honors Engineering Resident Academic Program that is offered at CU-Boulder.  (Photo by Glenn Asakawa/University of Colorado)
Topics that will be covered are :
  • Cultural differences - really understand them
  • The new sales process  that works - sales has changed , have you ?
  • Strategies and Skills to get the first Appointment
  • Communications : Emails / Face to Face / Skype / team selling ?  What really works - secrets revealed
  • Are you selling “ Price , Cost or Value “ - new definitions and strategies
  • Qualifying your prospects - the four ( 4 )  critical areas
  • Selling with brochures , flyers and Power Point. Why most buyers throw brochures in the trash can
  • Answering tough questions in a positive way
  • Five ( 5 ) to answer objections
  • Recovering from Sales Mistakes
  • What do buyers want but will not tell you
  • Follow up - when/ how often/ how
  • Seven ( 7 ) ways to leave a lasting impression
  • Closing skills versus Commitment
  • Winning sales against competitors with lowest price
  • What to do when buyers stop communicating with you
  • The 50%/ 25%/ 15%/ 10% / plan
  • Passing the Ultimate Test : Do buyers trust and respect you ?
  • Five ( 5 ) secrets to motivate buyers to take action.
Duration: 7 Hours - split in to two 3.5 hour sessions
Format: Scheduled Live Webinar - will be recorded for later viewing
Materials: PDF workbook will be send to every class member
Investment: $ 895.00 per class member
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Classroom setting in Las Vegas is also available, click here for more information

Strategic Options - Key to selling to North America

This Advanced High Level Programs is designed for Senior Executives from International companies that are  serious about succeeding and committed to making success happen in their North American operations. The focus of this program is to explore Strategic Options that are available to make sure that you pick the Right Strategies. The Right Strategy + Execution of that Strategy + Skilled and Committed Staff = SUCCESS Having so many choices and options creates confusion - with confusion we rarely take proper actions which results in = Missed Opportunities.
This Program goes well beyond having your products listed on Amazon and hoping for the best. Hope is not a Strategy. This fast paced in depth program will meet 4 times, one time per week for 3 hours (12 hours total) and will cover the following topics:
  • North America Business Culture - how to embrace it and succeed
  • Is US presence necessary ? What format ? At what price ?
  • Structure of US based operations
  • Should we use Amazon ? For what purpose ? Limitations
  • Use part time telesales ? How and purpose
  • Direct Sales  Team ? Or contract our full time or part time direct sales team ?
  • Distributors , Master Distributors , Manufacturers Reps ?  The best way to recruit, hire, train, commission plan,and keeping them
  • Open US office with small staff ? Employment Laws in US.
  • Use Exclusive or Non Exclusive Contracts ? Knowing how to optimize each relationship
  • Commission Schedule - Aggressive or Cheap ?
  • Communicating and Motivating your US based Sales Channel
  • Solving Sales Channel Conflicts
  • Pricing models - negotiable or fixed and why ?
  • Strong Web Presence in US ? Traffic Generators ? Social Media ? Email blasts ?
  • Strategy : From pricing leader to value leader
  • Marketing Materials that North American Buyers want and expect
  • Trade Shows - National, Regional or No shows ? The true cost of exhibiting and not exhibiting
  • Storage facility in US -  should we do it, when and at what price
  • Demo facility for complex High Tech, Low Tech products - is it necessary ?  How to quickly save $$ on demo facility
  • Technical Support, Field Service / Repairs and Warranties ? Best way to handle these at much lower cost.
  • Metrics - what critical metrics should we use and why
  • Best new ways to use Technologies
  • Contacts Negotiations : North American Buyers are different requiring different Negotiations Strategies
  • Five ( 5 ) to have your company stand out above the competitors
  • Risk Factors - knowing them and most importantly minimizing them
  • Marketing Plan : Do we need it ? Why ? How ? How to maximize results at lower cost
  • Communications Models with North American Buyers and US based operations
  • Ten ( 10 ) ways to establish and build strong relationship with North American Buyers and Eight ( 8 ) to destroy them
  • Seven ( 7 ) reason why your US efforts may fail - and how to quickly recognize them and repair them.
  • Best way to terminate your business relationships with North American Buyers and US Sales Channels
  • Ten ( 10 ) traps that will slow your growth - how to avoid them, solve them, survive and thrive to Success.
End Result: With new knowledge and skills you will have the opportunity to develop a comprehensive Marketing Plan that will work for your company. As part of this program our professional staff will review your plan, make recommendations , and provide a 90 day support service , via email/ Skype or face to face meetings.
Duration: Four ( 4 ) - three ( 3 ) hour sessions ( one session / week ) = 12 hours , plus 90 day support.
Format: Scheduled Live Webinar - recored for later viewing
Materials: PDF Seminar Workbook with sample forms that you can use will be provided
Investment: $ 2,000.00 per person
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Option “ B” - Two ( 2 ) day live classroom setting in Las Vegas for up to 5 people from
your company, includes everything above. Investment = $5,000.00
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Even the Professionals in Sports, Entertainment and Business Executives have “ Coaches “ Our staff of professional Coaches have only one thing in mind : Bringing the Best out of You. This service is a one to one customized around your needs - Coaching / Consulting / Mentor.